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Access Control

In the 21st century the most important attempt at any business, is to secure assets and premises.

Physical access control is all about who is on your site, where they are going, and when they are allowed and not allowed to access certain areas and assets. In the past this was accomplished using keys and standard door locks. When the door was locked, the key was used to unlock the door and for the user to gain access.

From managing only one entrance door to managing entire companies’ buildings, factories and office-blocks, our Access Control Solutions delivers security, peace of mind and reliability. Our Access Control Systems and Solutions are also fully integrated into existing bio-metric hardware solutions, fingerprint readers and time and attendance systems

Obviously, with modern bio-metric technology and locks, our clients are able to manage every aspect of their access control requirements, therefore leakage at depots, factories and offices are controlled, due to solutions delivered by us.

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